About us

Ubrique by Carlsson is the concept by Kurt Carlsson,

Coming from a very different background, the founder of Ubrique by Carlsson is a Danish citizen named Kurt Carlsson, who decided to make a change in his life. After having been a director in the financial sector in Denmark and Spain for nearly 20 years, he decided that the time to change business career had come. The decision was not easy; more than half of his working life had been devoted to the world of finances. The experience he had gained made him aware of the fact that only companies offering the best products and services survive and flourish. Therefore, he pursued a search for products with an absolutely unique design and quality.

"The Original" is the first model from Ubrique by Carlsson, and was a bag he discovered one day, when he visited a friend in Ubrique. Kurt's friend has been involved in the leather goods business for many years, and owns one of the few factories in Europe that has the know expertise and craftsmanship required from the biggest and oldest brands in the world. In the bookshelf at the friend's office were different samples, and Kurt fell in love with what is today the "The Original" Lifestyle bag. Having asked for the bag, he got the answer that it was a sample made for one of the big brands and was designed by internal designers and with input from women in the owner's circle. The company chose another strategy, so Kurt asked if he could take over the design. It was agreed and the bag was given an extra trip through the in-design department, so today it has a Scandinavian touch.

The bag fulfilled all the criteria as a unique and special luxury product which Kurt was looking for - "The Original" was born!

Ubrique by Carlsson is boutique Fashion Company founded in 2016 which produces and sells handmade leather goods products from Ubrique. The range of products will be expanded, the strategy is not to have a wide range of products - instead focus shall be to produce a few elegant and chic handmade leather products of the highest quality. "The Original" will with its smooth, chic and beautiful design, form the basis for future new products.

The bag is handmade by the same craftmanshift  there producing for the most recognized and respected brands in the world, in the best and highest quality of Spanish Calfskin .

Why the name Ubrique by Carlsson? The answer lies in the combination of Ubrique one of the few places in Europe there have the craftsmanship required from the big brands, and by Carlsson, a name that reminds people that there is a person with a Scandinavian character behind this company.

Our dream is to design and produce handmade luxury skin products, so that every woman and men in the world will need to own at least one.

Pueblo Blanco


Ubrique is one of the most charming pueblos blancos (white towns) located in the province of Cadiz, in the south of Spain.
Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, the national parks Grazerlerna and Alcornocales, a landscape full of olive, cork and oak trees - with Egyptian vultures circling high in the mountains, sheep graze on hillsides - this place is the essence of romance and life affirmation.

From the first time you arrive at this idyllic place, you feel transported to an era most people dream about - a time of peace, love, respect, pride and tradition. It is not the easiest city to get to. The actual trip through national parks, cork plantations, stops when a flock of sheep has decided to cross the mountain road and acts as a relaxing form of therapy and an inner peace spreads in the body. Here you find out there is still hope for the world we live in, people are welcoming, friendly and have a great calm. One gets the distinct feeling that here you have to come to a place that takes pride in tradition and craftsmanship. Ubrique is known to produce the highest quality leather products for the biggest brands in the world; but in addition, Ubrique is absolutely worth a visit for those looking for the authentic Spain ... and a romantic insight into the history and tradition.



Production of Leather Goods

The process of producing a handmade bag takes time.

Actually it takes around 3 months to produce Ubrique by Carlsson’s “The Original” bag.

Let us describe a little bit about the process, before the bag gets finalised.

First step is to place an order with the tannery, who take 1 month to prepare and color the leather. After the tannery has quality checked the skins and color, it will be sent to the factory.

Second step is the factory control all the skins, and make sure all skins are in the right color and quality.

Third step is all the skins are sent to the cutting department, where computers first analyse each individual skin and calculates how the skin should be cut. This is an important process to optimise the cutting process, because all the skins are of different sizes.

Fourth step is where all the carved pieces of skin coming into production itself. Here they are distributed to the various departments that have their own expertise, and the actual production starts. Each piece of skin is processed by hand by people who have generations of expertise. A department makes straps, another department the contour inside the bag so that it gets the right shape. A department takes care of color edges, and finally assembles the entire bag.

Fifth step is the quality control of each bag, and then the bags will be packed in dust bags and boxes.

The whole process from the raw skins to the finally bag is finished, is a combination of craftsmanship, and the use of modern technology... everything is made by hand craft with many generations of leather craftsmanship gene in there veins, they still consider La Patacabra as the main tool.


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